Kleyn Core Business

The Kleyn Group, whose mission is to be the leading global distribution network for second-hand commercial vehicles, is currently the largest independent commercial enterprise specialising in European trucks and delivery vans. At this point in the life cycle of a commercial vehicle, Kleyn works as a partner for suppliers and buyers of second-hand vehicles.

Every year, around nine thousand trucks, semi-trailers, trailers and delivery vans change hands through the Kleyn Group. These vehicles are purchased from business partners (transport companies, fleet owners, leasing companies, dealers and, in recent years, from banks) across Europe and occasionally from suppliers outside of Europe. They are then sold to buyers in around 150 export countries.


As the link between supply and demand, the Kleyn Group works with a team of around 100 professionals (80 FTE), each with his or her own specialty and the expertise and tools to bring together supply and demand and, in doing so, ensure the right quality, delivery time, administrative handling and service. Kleyn has a permanent stock of an optimal mix of trucks and delivery vans from various brands, types and price brackets, suitable for a wide range of uses and tailored to diverse groups of buyers in different markets.

The Kleyn Group has three active subsidiaries: Kleyn Trucks BV, Kleyn Vans BV and Kleyn Services BV. Kleyn Trucks specialises in tractors, trucks, semi-trailers and trailers, while Kleyn Vans sells light commercial vehicles and Kleyn Services provides repair, maintenance and logistic support, among other services. Plans to establish a fourth subsidiary called Kleyn Trailers are at an advanced stage. The foundation for the Kleyn Group was laid in 1919. In other words, the enterprise has nearly one hundred years of experience behind it. More important than the past, of course, is the future – and the future of the Kleyn Group holds excellent promise thanks to rapidly growing global marketing channels for high-quality European commercial vehicles.